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On this page you can download the final results of Circular Building Affordable Housing (CBBW) for inspection.

- The construction details of the case study house (from the master thesis of Femke Cammans at KU Leuven, "Towards demountable cavity wall details" within the thesis studio “Architecture details through time and space”, 2022).

- The evaluation of the long-term affordability of the case study house by a comparative studie of the wall, floor and roof construction with 'traditional' construction methods, using Life Cycle Cost analysis (LCC), by Margaux Lespagnard (VUB Architectural Engineering) as part of a FWO-doctorate and Proeftuin Vlaanderen Circulair. (Dutch)

- The overview of the construction costs of the case study house. (Dutch)

- The final report of the subsidy project with regard to Circular Flanders. (Dutch)

- The comparative study of environmental impact vs. financial cost between the removable inner walls in the case study house with 'traditional' variants (from the master thesis of Jade Claes at Ghent University, "Can circular building solutions provide a positive impact? Determining the environmental and financial impact of internal walls", 2022).

- The article that appeared in Bouwunie, in which Francis Lauwers of BOUD is interviewed about the construction of the circular case study house. (Dutch)

- The article that appeared in Toekomstgericht (Ver)Bouwen, in which Gwen Verlinden of TEKEN architecture explains the circular design principles and construction methods that were applied in the case study house. (Dutch)

- The campaign image of the subsidy project, drawn up by TEKEN architecture.

Disclaimer: please always correctly mention project members, external authors and Flanders Circular when sharing the above information. If you are unsure or would like more information about this, please contact us. We also appreciate it if you inform us beforehand when you use or distribute the information/documents.

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